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Connecting Our Communities

We all live in the same "area," whether we are officially in the City of Milford or Miami Township.  We all drive the same roads, shop at the same stores, and are served by the same public school system.  We have the same needs - so why don't we all receive the same information?

Now we can, with Milford-Miami Township Connections.  This is a collaborative program between the City of Milford, Miami Township, the Milford Exempted Village School System,  the Milford-Miami Chamber of Commerce, and the Clermont Chamber of Commerce, designed to provide a better way of communicating with all the residents we each serve.

Each of the organizations participating in MMT Connections has information to share on a variety of topics.  But we know that, while you likely want some of it from all the groups, you may not want it all.

MMT Connections lets you choose which type of information you'd like to receive, based on categories such as Emergency & Crime Alerts, Construction, Athletics, Special Events, and more.

It doesn't matter what area you live in - if you'd like to receive notices about special events in the Great Milford-Miami Township area, simply sign up for that category and you'll receive a monthly email notice that includes updates on that topic from each of the participating organizations.
So get started now!  Simply click here to see the list options or
to suggest a category we don't yet have.

For more information, contact us at info@mmtconnections.com

We hope you enjoy MMT Connections!
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