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About Us/FAQs


What type of information does MMT Connections provide?

We currently send out eight different email newsletter updates a month, on the topics of Crime Alerts; Emergency Alerts; Construction; Athletics; Classes; Arts; Special Events; and Business/Networking Events.  (Note: Crime, Emergency & Construction Alerts are sent out on an as-needed basis)

Do I have to receive information on all these topics?

No, absolutely not!  The purpose of the program is to allow you to pick-and-choose what information you want to receive.  Just sign up for the topic that interests you, and that's all the information you'll receive.  You can sign up for one, two or all the lists - whatever you like.  It is just as easy to unsubscribe if you are no longer interested in receiving this information.

How are the newsletters sent?

All eight e-newsletters are sent only via e-mail, through Constant Contact, one of the top email newsletter companies in the country.

How do I sign up?

It's easy!  Click here to see descriptions of the e-newsletter topics; click here to go directly to the list sign-up sheet.

Is my email address safe? 

Yes, your email address is completely safe.  Constant Contact is a secure system and all email addresses are stored in our account only.  No one else has access to them, and we will not share, rent or sell your email address with anyone.

What if I want to remove myself from the list?  Is that difficult?

It's easy – all it takes is a click.  Constant Contact uses a system called SafeUnsubscribe.  As soon as you click, your email address is removed (you may receive one more e-newsletter if you remove your name too close to the release time).  If you remove your email address, we cannot add it back - you have to do so, if you decide you want to receive information again.
MMT Connections is a collaborative communications program between the City of Milford, Miami Township, the Milford Exempted Village School District, the Milford-Miami Chamber of Commerce, and the Clermont Chamber of Commerce.  Our goal is to improve the ways and methods by which we communicate with all residents in the area, breaking down barriers between governmental entities and the people they serve.

The idea for the program started three years, when families in both Milford and Miami Township were struck by what turned out to be the same car thief.  Both families emailed their friends about their individual incidents and it just so happened they had a friend in common, who connected the two families from different sides of town.

This was the kernel of the MMT Connections program:  Why don't we have a common system that would allow us to communicate across the city, or the township, or the school district?  Why isn't there a way for people from neighborhoods all over the area to get information about all types of things that are happening - from a rash of crime in a neighborhood to a special community event?  We live in an age of communication through technology.  So our three local governmental entities decided to use technology to help improve all our lives.

MMT Connections allows you to make choices.  Perhaps you would love to receive information on high school athletic events, or the spring musical - but you don't have kids in Milford Schools and you don't want the other information that goes along with being on their list.  Perhaps you'd love to learn about Miami Township's classes, but you don't need the other info the send out.

By pooling our resources and organizing information by topic, you can choose what type of information you want, and receive it from all three local sources.  For instance, if you sign up for Arts notices, you'll find out about what's going on in Milford, Miami Township and through the school district.  Business/ Networking Event notices will get you the latest on how to further your career or business in the area.

If you sign up for Emergency or Crime Alerts, you'll find out about a concerning incident, in real time, that occurred in the Milford or Miami Township area.

We hope you find benefit from this new program.  Check out the lists we currently have available by clicking here, and if you have other ideas, please get in touch!

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