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Our goal is to provide our residents with the information they want and need to receive.  If a topic you're interested in is not on this list, please suggest it to us by contacting us at info@mmtconnections.com.

Thank you for your ideas and support!
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MMT Connections currently offers email notices on eight different topics.  You can review the categories below, and click here to sign up for the information you'd like to receive.

Emergency Alerts
* Description:
* Frequency:   As needed

Crime Alerts

* Description:  Non-emergencies; information it is helpful for people in the Greater Milford-Miami Township area to know, even if they're happening across town - for instance, car break-ins, a car suspected of soliciting children, etc.
* Frequency:   As needed

* Description:  Updates on work being done on roads or that will affect traffic
* Frequency:   As needed


* Description:  Updates on upcoming athletic events taking place within the area
* Frequency:   Once a month, first Friday of the month

* Description:  Any type of arts event hosted by any of the participating organizations
* Frequency:   Once a month, second Friday of the month

* Description:  Community-based classes for pre-school children; school-age children; or adults (choose the age category you'd like to receive)
* Frequency:   Once a month, third Friday of the month

Special Events
* Description:  Any type of event that does not fit in the Arts or Classes category.  For instance, music at a local restaurant, the polo match held at Miami Meadows, or Milford's Sunflower Street Fest would fit in this category
* Frequency:   Once a month, fourth Friday of the month

Business Events/Networking
* Description:  Meetings and other opportunities for businesspeople
* Frequency:   Once a month, first Monday of the month

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